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May 28, 2012


Louise Williams

I love your Smash album, it's just gorgeous and I know what you mean about feeling stale with your style - I think that's what's been behind my move to mixed media too. It's hard to be creative when you're creating to order as well so it's good to just play and find your groove again. Sometimes you just have to find the time (near impossibility these days though) to just try something new to remind you why you love doing what you do :)


HI.. so nice to see your smash album.. how amazing it all looks.. and so creative.. there seems to be a lot of mixed media stuff around and it looks great fun and the end result looks fabulous! and the layout with all your layers looks superb! Your darling girl always provides the most beautiful photos for you to work with.. and I hope you find another job soon.. when one door closes, another will open.. and what would I be doing if I wasnt scrapping or blog hopping...?? I would be sitting in front of the tv right now and just vegging out.. at least now I am communicating and learning and having fun, my life is good with scrapping in it... bets housework any day!! Have a great week... and i am sure there is another job just around the corner!!


Oh Janine... so many beautiful words. I'm so glad that you like my works and I it feels amazing if I can inspire someone. Thank you so much. :* I'm also a huge fan of your artworks.

Lydell Quin

you know i am a fan.....of old and new!!! Your new is fabulous. I have been trying to tell you for years how much fun it is to get your hands covered in paint!!!! Let alone the therapeutic value.....i love your meld between your old and new, and how it still looks like you!

Linda L

I certainly spied these creations over at Aussie Janine and was intrigued by them. But I am in no way bored by what you do - I love your style but you have to love what you do too so enjoy playing and hopefully finding the passion for it all again. Cheers

Georgia Heald

Wow Janine, soooo love your new mixed media spin on your already gorgeous style. My favorite page is the one with the dice, breathtaking! Can't wait to see more of this style, adore it!


Totally outstanding.and beautiful details!


I'm always amazed by your work. I really don't think you keep repeating yourself. But I can understand your feeling though. I sometimes feel like I keep doing the same design. Then challenges are a fun way to try something outside your comfortzone! You just do this mixed media style so well too! I adore your layout and Smashbookalbum!

Janna Werner

wow, your projects are so amazingly detailled. So much fun to look at!

Kymmie @ a day in the life of us

Oh, I do like your experiments, and definitely a little bit different from your 'usual'. Mind you, your 'usual' is pretty damn amazing! I was showing Kelly your layouts and she couldn't believe the detail you put in. Makes mine all so amateury! Mind you, I've been having a play also with my lovely new papers! xxx

Denise van Deventer

Janine...this is soo awesome...absolutely love it! It seems your mojo is a bit down.... BUT believe me from the look of this project..I really don't think so! I love this artsy/messy style and think it's awesome! Keep experimenting....it's soo inspirational! ;-)

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