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June 11, 2011


Martha Richardson

Love this LO..shows how you can do ruff & tumble boys with everyday supplies. You asked where I got my 3 tier stand that I use for my Tattered Angels...Pottery Barn & from what I understand they will be shipping worldwide VERY soon!

Ingvild Bolme

LOVE everything you do sweetie, you are one of the most amazing scrappers out there!
And good luck with your classes! - hugs


lol at Ashton...one word....suspenders??? :)


I also wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration you've gave me, and all of us, with your work with Prima. You're so talented and your work is always pure inspiration! So thank you for that:)

How awesome that you're going to teach in Brisbane. Unfortunately it's kinda on the other side of the world for me, so I won't be able to attend your class;) But I'm sure it will be amazing!

And your layout....Wow, it is stunning! You've done such an amazing job with all the mixed media. I just love the gears, the paint, the flowers...and how you created a gorgeous masculine look on this page. I've only recently discovered how fun the mixed media are and I totally agree with you: it feels so good to just play with paint, gesso and all that other stuff...just have some fun and enjoy the result. That's what scrapbooking is meant for:)

Allie Collyer

Congratulations on becoming a Prima Educator Janine - perfect choice :-)

We had a similar problem with Marnie when she was Ashton's age. We got duct tape and put it on over the tabs so it went around the back and there was no way she could get it off. After a week or so she stopped trying and we left it off and the habit was broken :-)

Jing-Jing Nickel

I can see Finn's influence on that glorious layout of yours!! Congrats on the contiuation of the Prima journey!

liana suwandi

janine... just want to shout out for you, Congrats on being Prima Educator ... you;re amazing!!!

Nadia Cannizzo

Well its sad to see you go from Prima but will definitely look froward to seeing you in your new role as Prima Educator. Your work is simply stunning!

The layout here is breathtaking..very much like Finnabair;s but very much you.

Lastly..my almost 2 year old has also discovered the taking the pants/nappy off thing LOL! If it wasnt freezing i'd let her...but its so cold I am always chasing her around LOL!

Sue Feher

Guess you'll just have to toilet train the little streaker! ROFL! Really loved this layout.

Louise Williams

lol@Ashton... Lucas has figured out how to take his trousers off but that's as far as it goes fortuntately!! Love the layouts and can't wait to meet you in September!! xx

Julie Winks

Huge congrats on the new Prima gig janine... you've clearly got what it takes! :)) LOVE the Aussie lo too... totally into the mixed media myself atm, i just love it!! lol on the bare bum... my 2.5 yo has totally trained himself, but now wakes me up in the middle of the night to take him to the toilet (walks past the loo to come and get me!!!)... can't win!! good luck with it.. xx


Congrats Janine!! Would absolutely love to do your class in Sept but will be O/S for the whole month...what a bugger!!!


Congratulations Janine! I love that layout so much, but you already knew that :). Glad you're appreciating the dishwasher. I only got one when we moved here three years ago, but I seriously do not know how I survived without it now!

Kym Piez

Oh you busy bee. All this travel is making my head spin, not to mention extremely jealous! And who wouldn't want to come to your classes? Your LO's are as amazing as ever!

And Ashton??? What a cheeky boy! My 2 year old came to my bedside this morning because his nappy was off too. And it was too late to collect the, er No 3's left all over the house! So guess what I did instead of going to the gym today?

Oh, our little cheeky lads...



Oh man, I wish I lived in Australia so I could have attended one of your classes! Love your work!


I find it so amazing that you also use flowers to a page boy ..
I am doing at my boy's.
your work is always so beautiful with very stunning details ...
I hope you come visit me with a comment that I would enjoy them!
I will certainly follow you I hope you too


CONGRATS on making the ED team! How fabulous is that????
I absolutely LOVE your layout, it's fantastic!!!

Anne G

LOL, Ashton sounds like a clown! Three words, START TOILET TRAINING. Apparently there is a window at 20-22months where kids can be toilet trained quite easily, otherwise you miss it again for about 6 months. It's worth as try, my son was tiolet trained at 20 months, and within a week. Good luck.
Love your LO by the way ;)


wow very stunning and details!!

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