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May 29, 2011



I can see why your dishwasher is your new best friend;) It's just wonderful to save a few hours a day and be able to do other things than doing the dishes:) Your layout is GORGEOUS! It brought a huge smile to my face too. And huge congrats on making the Prima education team! That's so awesome!


Hi! it is so good to have some help around the house and i am glad you have a new help in the kitchen!! and i hear you about your kids.. i do hope things will be ok at school.. and i love the layout.. it is so colorful and it has such a cheerful delightful feeling to it.. and of course your DD is so beautiful in the photo!! she is like sunshine!! xx


Oh i am so excited for you on so many levels: the beautiful layouts, the education team... But mostly about the dishwasher. Oh I'm so happy for you!!! Now, must get me mine!

Kerry Murray

Congrats on the prima gig you will be perfect for it.And a new diswasher that is fab i bet the kids love it too.Take care Kerry xx

Steph Devlin

Janine, firstly I'm thrilled you are staying on with Prima. I hope this year is full of personal challenges, exciting travel and creative fulfillment. You have such a gift working with their product so Im sure heaps of scrappers will be inspired by your work again during 2011/12. I have really loved watching your work right from the beginning !!!! wow was that really 7 years ago ???, and the journey you have been on - to the point where your work is a knockout. Love it.
As for the dishwasher, Im looking forward to a full tour when i come up next .... he he he,,,,, I am anti-dishwasher, so your challenge if you choose to accept it, is to convince me of its power over you !!!!! ha ha.
Anyhow I have blah blahed enough. Talk soon honey.


ah yes, finally, a dish washer, the world is rightly ordered again, lol. Congrats on the educator gig with Prima!! You rule!

Sue Feher

You do know how dangerous any kind of tape is over a child's mouth, don't you? They taught teacher's in the 1970's that if they had to sneeze with the tape on, they could die!
I'm anti-dishwasher along with Steph! Although you must have one when you want to sell your house. Just bought a new one and a refrigerator! My dh is so not a plumber! While installing we somehow ended up with new kitchen faucets(the other one was relatively new). At least 5 trips to plumbing supply store!
Congrats on still being on the Prima team! How cool to teach too. Does that mean all our layouts will now look as fab as yours?


weheee!! you're perfect for the educator-team. huge congrats!! and look at all your amazing work - this is soooo deserved!!

Vicky Varvadouka

WOW!!!! Congratulations Janine!!! This is truly a dream team and you just could not be missing from it!!! Your talent is one of a kind!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!

Chris M

Hi Janine, just wanted to say how fabulous to read your news here!!! Congratulations!!

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