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March 18, 2011



We aren't fooled, we know, he might be cute and all, but.... lol. Adorable project Janine, love the use of the Jilibean soup letters, HAHAHAHA

Lívia Andrade

Hi Janine! I loved your beauty and lovely layout to this pallete! Soo you do scrap in your bedroom!
Hugs from Lívia.

Milagros C. Rivera

You scrap in your bedroom, it is just dreamy all the beautiful things you do every time!

Natalie May

Hey Janine - LOVE this LO! {did your dad tell you he saw me yesterday! small world} answer-You scrap in your bedroom!


Gorgeous layout! You scrap in your bedroom!
I know that little grin that boys have, I used to swear that mine was going to sprout horns and a tail!

Solange Marques

I love your works Janine!!
This is wonderful!!!
The answer :
your bedroom


Once more, you created a lovely page! It is so beautiful! I love it!

The answer to your question is: your bedroom.


Your weee one is tooo cute!!

# Where do you scrap? My scrap space is in my bedroom, no chance of a dedicated room with all my brood of kids!!

Renee Aslette

Such an adorable layout. I do lots of boys pages so I love your work.

5 kids how do you have the time? Well done.

The answer to the question is:

I scrap in my office which is my scraproom, sometimes on the kitchen table too and I love to scrap with friends.

Lydell Quin

This is a very cool page! Love the 'steampunk' aspects....bet not many have mixed steampunk with shabby chic before!!!! I know you scrap in your bedroom, I have sat on the end of your bed many a time seeing the mountains of gorgeous stuff at play on your desk!!!!

alexandra s.m.

Hello Janine!

What a fabulous page love your take on the palette ;-)

Heidi Kelley

What a cute title and layout! Love your take on the palette, as always!

steph devlin

Fantastic boy layout Janine, lots of yummy texture. Good for you doing a Finn, Im way too chicken to go there !!!!! I just need a brave moment.

Nicole Pomeroy

so fabulous Janine, love love love the texture


Julie Winks

stunning janine... i love twist on the steampunk theme... x


Beautiful LO
I used this week paints


WOW!!! This LO is STUNNING!!!!! beautiful blog.

Stacey Young

Wow Janine this is so different for you but just as stunning:):)


Janine: Gorgeous LO - Thank you for sharing!
Your scrap in your bedroom :)


Gorgeous layout Janine!! Love, love, love!!!
You do scrapbooking in your bedroom...
Kisses. Mina


Gorgeous layout! loots of texture!!
Great page at all!!
You scrap in your bedroom!
Hugs from Brazil

Karen Letchworth

WOW! I can't believe you scrap in your bedroom. For me, that could NEVER happen (too small). I've taken over my formal dining room. Thanks for sharing with us all.

Cathy Cafun

OMG WOW stunning LO Janine!! Nice to learn a bit about you! The answer is: in your bedroom. Have a fab weekend :)

Naomi Capps

WoW!! gorgeous gorgeous LO!! I love the paint effect. You must really be a super woman doing all this beautiful work with 5 kids!! I take my hat for you.


LOVELY layout!!! Loved reading this! Yay for bedroom scrapbooking!!!


You scrap in your bedroom. Wonderful layout
hyugs Pia


Goodness... You are such an inspiration! This is STUNNING! Loooooove the cogs in the background, and how you unified the LO so beautifully.

(Not here for the hop - just popping by to leave some love. :))


Love the intense colors on your LO.
You scrap in your bedroom, as do I - also due to lots of kids.
Hugs Linda


Lovely project !!!

You scrap in your bedroom.

Sarah Martin

Awesome layout. Love what you have done with the cogs!
You scrap in your bedroom


I love chocolate too :D


Lisa Kamphuis

What a cuite - no wonder we love scrapping - the kids look SO adorable in photos!!! LOL
I wouldnt scrap in my bedroom - I wouldnt be able to see my bed LOL!!!!


That is such a wonderful layout! 5 kids!!! Geez, I thought my 3 were a lot!
You scrap in your bedroom.

Samantha Bailey

This LO is stunning, I love that you are not afraid to use the flowers on your LO of your handsome little man. The photos are just gorgeous.

julie Blanc

Not usual to see so much paint on your LOs but the result is amazing, beautiful texture!


you scrap in your bedroom

Camila Borssoi

Wondeful layout! It's great to know a little more about you and your work.

carmen crosseti

Amazing layout! You scrap in your bedroom!
Congrats! Beautiful family!!!

Eila Sandberg

This is so different from what you normally do when you scraip Caitlyn, really fantastic paintwork and all the bits and bobs that make this a gorgeous boy page! He sure has a sweet smile the little guy but me thinks he's got a certain mischievious twinkle in his eye .. You scrap in your bedroom. Remember Lydell found a sticker on her jammies once, how about Paul? xx


It was so much fun to get to know you a little better, Janine. I've admired your work for a long time now and you just keep amazing me with your gorgeous creations. This layout is soooo beautiful! I love the paint, gears and texture!

I usually scrap on my dinnertable or in my bed room too. No scraproom for me either:(

Pam Pritzl

really nice LO ... I'm liking the cardboard title!

You scrap in your bedroom onaccounta you can't find any other space in your place ...

taj white

he is too cute!! I love the background of the layout. Beautiful work as always my friend!!


Wonderful LO - maybe you got your inspiration from the special athmosphere of your bedroom. *ggg*

tonia gibson

Wonderful LO!!The answer to your question is: your bedroom.


Beautiful LO! You scrap in your bedroom. I also don't have a designated space to scrap. I usually scrap on the floor in my livingroom.

Belinda Spencer

LOVE the efeect you achieved with the texture paste, paint etc on this one Janine. Beautiful layout!!! Your work is always inspiring to me.
Where do you scrap? In your bedroom!! Yep I know what it's like not to have a dedicated scrap room. Not enough rooms in this pokey old farmhouse either. And I only have 2 little distractions!! LOL

Heather Hopkins

Love the texture on your layout, Janine. Beautiful.
I'm lucky enoug to have a scraproom. Though it's so chockablock full of scrapping 'stuff' that I usually pull what I think I will use on my layout and haul it up to the dining room table.

Vicky Alberto

oh you punk so well - scrap in your bedroom hun? (I like to watch TV so kitchen that faces the living room for me)


WOW! Love that paint job! Gorgeous sweet litte guy too!

Great job!


My latest love is anne's Finnabair's work,,,,I love her technique....I experimented with embossing powders...now I see it was gesso!!
you must havea very fun filled home...enjoy!

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