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March 14, 2011


steph devlin

2 blog posts in one week - WOW !!!!!
Super Impressed ....

I loved reading your journalling Janine, and again, i ache to journal more but never find myself doing it. I know i will regret it in the future. I might even consider going back to 8.5 x 11 layouts for TCR just for this purpose .... hmmmmmm.

The CR #49 is a complete knock out, I just adore everything about it. Super gorgeous layout ..... (with super gorgeous kids) xo

Ow, to Lachlan too. Poor kid. Yikes that looks sore. Oh well with 5 kids, something is always going to be happening, so i spose you just take it as it comes !!!!

Hope you are well and happy, and you have had some beautiful work coming out lately. xo


Oh wow, you totally rock the Echo Park papers! Your layouts are all three totally amazing! I don't know how you manage do that, but it seems like you can do wonders with any paper collection:) I especially love the 'Life is good' layout. I love it that you journalled a lot on this page and your design with all the stitching and pretty details is wonderful too.

Oh gosh, poor Lachlan. It even hurts to only look at his poor finger...And happy 11th birthday to Cameron!!

I must admit I haven't participated in the color room challenges yet, but have been a stalker of the ning site for a long time. It's just that I never found the time to join in too. But maybe the 50th colour pallette will be a great opportunity to start participating too. Let's see 50 as a 0, so that it looks like I haven't missed any pallette;)


You are amazing swets you can take any papers and make magic with them!!!

Jing-Jing Nickel

You did wonders with those Echo park papers. That boy page is way too cute, and love the misting you did too. Of course me, I love journaling pages, fun to read what you wrote, so thanks for the closeup. But ultimately, nothing showcase your incredible skills like a flowers on a page, unbelievably really. It's quite the art, arranging flowers on a 12x12 surface and you do it masterfully. Glad you are updating the ol' blog again. can't wait for thursday, uh, friday for you :)


What amazing and beautiful pages! I love your journaling, too! You scrapped both of these memories beautifully! And I hope Lachlan's finger is all healed by now!

Kym Piez

Oooh, I love the journalling on your LO. It was so great to read, and yes, your children's life is so very different from your's! I have vivid memories of you naming just about all of those goats. Instead of Number 325, you had a nickname. And you could even tell from a distance which one was what. It still amazes me... x

Kym Piez

I was so carried away by your amazing memory of your hundreds of goats, I forgot to mention Lachlan's finger. OUCH! Poor bub. How did he do it? Boys... I suspect I will spend many an hour in emergency with my boys too. x


You have beautiful kids. I am so in love with your scrap layouts. Do you do tutorials?

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