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October 16, 2009


Kym Piez

It's hard to get anything done with a gorgeous newborn. But don't worry, Paul can do the work!! Seriously, enjoy every minute as I can't believe mine is almost 5 months old already. It's going much too fast!


Congrats on your ASS news Janine, your layouts are stunning!! and good to read that little Ashton is settling in nicely -he is adorable btw :)and I loved the pics in your previous post!
Aga xx

Sue Feher

They used to put jaundiced babies under a special light, but my wee one is almost 21, so things could have changed. Oh, yes, I remember the "fountain of youth" part of a boy & he's 28! Every time I sat him in the tub-spirt! Got to have fast reflexes girl!


congrats Janine ... you are so deserving of a place on the ASS team!! i'm looking forward to seeing your DT projects!!

enjoy every moment with that gorgeous little time stealer too!! LOL!!


Janine they are time wasters arnt they but who cares.Its worth it.Congrats on making the dt at aussie scrap awesome gig thats for sure.Take care KErry xx


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, that first layout, I could ACTUALLY lift!! typically you are so ornate with your gorgeous flowers and stuff, I can just admire, but that first one, I could actually do it, I love the design and the concept the whole 9 yards!!

Get some sleep whenever you can! I know that's easier said than done, but try okay!!

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