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October 04, 2009


Christine Kratounis

Congratulations Janine and well done. He is absolutely gorgeous. Hope that you get some well earned sleep tonight. Take care.

kerry Murray

Hey he looks like he dosent mind the cuddles does he.Congrats to you and Paul and the kids.Now the fun starts lol.Glad all is okay and that you have your little man safe and sound.TAke care KErry xx


Awww... So sweet! Congratulations!

Jolene Pienaar

YAY! Congrats on your adorable boy bundle!!!

Carole Janson

Janine Congratulations to you and your gorgeous family, I love the name Ashton, and he is just so adorable, he now has the same birthday as my little Boy Chaise who turned 4 today.

Carole xx

steph devlin

Ashton, I KNEW IT...... I DID !!!! HA !!!!! Beautiful name..... congratulations to the K Family especially you Janine, OMG girl SO MUCH PAIN. You said you hoped he wouldn't go posterior, I can't believe it, LITTLE TYKE. How dare he...... Hmmmmmm lucky he is so damn adorable, otherwise.......
and he is.....
just beautiful. Such sweet photos. IM SO HAPPY for you.
I caught my breath when I brought your blog up, couldn't wait to hear about the birth.......
Anyhow, get some rest hon, God knows you are going to need it.....
Steph xo
PS Kaitlyn cracks me up. Doll hu ?? This is going to be VERY INTERESTING......

steph devlin

PS Can't wait to hold him.... and give him cuddles.

Jules The Bling princess

Congratulations Janine and Paul. He is just beautiful, and I am glad he arrived safely(eventually). Yes, I think Kaitlyn is going to keep you on your toes. (-: Many blessings to your new bundle of joy.


Congratulations!! What a precious bundle!


A Huuuuuuuge Congratulations, he is so so gorgus!!!!!!

Lou :) x

maria, south australia

oh wow! congratulations to you all on the arrival of your son and baby brother! hello ashton :) (love the name!) thanx for sharing the pix so qwikly! he's just sooo cute :) all the best!

Cookie A.

hi Janine!!!

Congrats on your new bundle of Joy! He is so cute!!! cant wait to see you scrap his photos!

take care!

-cookie a.


Luck? Pffft, you don't need luck. Love is what you need and you absolutely have that in abundance!

Congrats on getting through what was obviously a nightmarish labour, ouch :(

Ashton is a little cutie and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his name xxoo


Congratulations Janine!!!! Your photos made me smile and they are just sooo heartwarming, ALl your kids !!


Janine,Congratulations!! Lydell has taught us about Ashton so I came here.
He is sooooooo cute! Today is my daughter's birthday,too. What a nice coincident!!

Sue Feher

Happy Blessings to you & your expanded family! Hope you have a cushy pillow to sit on! xx

Iris Uy

he is such as cutie!! Love that pic of him with little Ms. K!! hmm yeah you better watch out:)


he is precious. awesome photos. rest weel.


Handsome litlle Ashton welcome to the world♥
Im sure you will be as handsome as your sibblings and a joy to your mother and father♥

Congrats Sweetie im so overvelmed with joy for you, take care of you sending lots of hugs and Love


Congratulations on the birth of Ashton. He is a little cutie. My DS was posterior so I know some of what you went through.


Huge congrats Janine and Paul. Well done you! The photos are gorgeous!


Congratulations Janin.
He his just beautiful and the cutest little boy.
I'm so happy for you and hope that he will bless your hole family with joy and laughter.
Big hugs and lots of love

Louise Williams

congratulations on your beautiful little boy. Sounds like a drama with the birth but glad everyone came through it unscathed. Enjoy!!

Louise :)


HUGE CONGRATS HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wel done you with all that pain...o my!!
He look so sweet and beautiful and i LOVE his name!!
Congrats again!
Luv and hugs


Good luck! But I don't think you need it, you have so much experience under your belt with the first four... :) Congratulations!


Congratulations he's beautiful and I love his name. He arrived earlier than I thought baby no 5 so exciting.

Lydell Quin

He is beautiful, and very lucky to be born into a family with so many arms to love him! (You maybe wanting to limit Miss K's love somewhat like you said! LOL!!!) You wont need luck.....you will be fine! Your a pro now!


congrats Janine...he is just gorgeous and SO little (my three were ALL over 8.5 lbs)
looks like he will slot quite well into your lovely family.
take care xo


Congrats Janine and welcome little Ashton!!!

Belinda Venables

Congrats to you and your family Janine - he is just adorable!!! :)
I'm sure that he will just fit into your family and everything will go fine.
Enjoy your new little bundle.

Nic Wood

CONGRATULATIONS to you and the family Janine, he is just gorgeous! I LOVE his name - Ashton - just beautiful!

Nic xxx


Congratulations Janine, to you and your family. He's just gorgeous! I love the name too :)


woohoo! congratulations, he is just gorgeous and I do just love his name! hope that he is sleeping well and you are enjoying him and his new baby smell! tatum xx

Chris M

Wow-wee - he's here!!!! Ashton is just so gorgeous and his Mummy is so brave!! Annaliese was in the posterior position too (all 9lb 1oz of her) and it was pain that I never want to feel again! Love how adoringly the kids are looking at their new baby brother!
Hugs and kisses to you all!

Allie Collyer

Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world Ashton, you are joining a lovely family :-)


Congratulations!! What a beautiful little bundle :) Lauren

Joy Earles

What a beautiful baby!! From an un-biased great aunt... It was great to see him in the flesh at about 6.5 hours old and to have a cuddle. Yes, Kaitlyn did love holding her "dolly". Congratulations to you all.
Lots of love,
Auntie Joy.

Joy Earles

And yes, I love the name too. I didn't guess it, except for the "n" on the end!

Kate Mason

HUGE congrats to you and your family Janine! SOOOOooooo clucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful boy and well done on getting through the big painful delivery. You are a champ!
Look forward to meeting him sometime soon,
love from the Masons.


Congratulations Janine!!! He is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so happy you are both well. Enjoy your time as mamma of a newborn again...its passes so quickly!

Kelley Forrester

Awww he is just too cute!!!! Big congrats Janine and family!!!! Definitely good luck with 5!! I dont know how you do it with 4! (Im a mum to 3 and just cope with them!! LOL!)
Cant wait to see some more photos of your gorgeous new little bundle!!!


Congratulations Janine to you and your family. You are one amazing woman!!!


how adorable!! congratulations to you and Paul and the kids .... he is so cute!! enjoy your new bundle of Blue .... and welcome to the world baby Ashton! (great Name too!!)

Anthea Peterson

Huge Congratulatons to you and your family, may he bring you many years of joy!!


Congratulations Janine! And welcome to the world little Ashton. He is beautiful. Newborns....ahhhhh. I am right there with you with the posterior labours - I've had two of them - ouch!


congratulations to you and your family! what beautiful baby!
greetings from switzerland


Congratulations Janine! He looks absolutely lovely! Im glad that you didn't have to put up with a couple more weeks of those braxton hicks contractions you were having! AND, he made it BEFORE your wedding anniversary!!!!

Congratulations to all of you, look forward to having a cuddle with him next time I see you.

Ash x

Carol-lea Morgan

Oh my goodness...he is one gorgeous little guy!! Love his name, and love that you guys are so happy!! Can totally relate to your birth story, as Eden was posterior. Thank heaven for epidurals!! Take care, and give baby Ashton a kiss and cuddle from me!!


Janine: Congratulations!! He's gorgeous!!

take care of yourself! :)

Lisa Le-Ray

He is sooo cute! It's amazing how this little one fit in your belly, esp after looking at the second photo (the all stretched out one). It still amazes me!!! Belly > then a baby, OMG! Weird!
I'm so glad he wasn't that big baby (you thought he would be). Giving birth to a 10 pound baby is painful! Labour is bad enough for us poor mothers!
Your wee girly looks like king kong now, compared to her little bro!

Love Lisa xoxox

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