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April 02, 2009


Chris M

OMGosh Janine, sounds like you have a couple of rev heads on your hands there!!! Love it!!!! Top Gear is such a cool show! Love Miss K's defiance as well!
Now, as for the layouts - you rock boy layouts!! These 3 layouts are fabulous! Have a great weekend!


The boy layouts are great!! just love all the embelishments.

kerry murray

To funny Janine and there is still more to come than just the backchat lol.Great pages.Take care Kerryxx

steph devlin

Boy layouts - they are fantastic especially the one for CCG. I thought you said you didn't like it - what the ?? Its gorgeous. Anyhow Miss K is rather cute with her words, and when her and Miss M get together it should be quite funny. Talk about two little chatterbox Miss's. - lol.
Steph x

Shaved Vagiana

eh. good te xt :))

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