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April 29, 2009



Seriously, kicking you THIS early??? Probably because you are rail thin, so you can feel everything!!!!

Awesome layout, I needed someone to show me what to do with that frame, could never buy it before!!!

Belinda Venables

I remember the feeling on feeling mojo-less when I was pregnant with Makenzie. It's almost like your brain wants to, but your body is saying no...lol. I bet it's hard when you have so many scrapping commitments too.
Oohh, sounds interesting. Can't wait to find out more!! A trip to the big smoke might be on the cards for me...hehe!

steph devlin

I can so relate to how you are feeling at the moment. I ended up going inactive for most of my DT's, because the hormone inbalance gave me mood swings and an inability to want to create. It is the worst feeling, and so frustrating. Due dates are a killer because its really just too hard. So I am thinking of you. Don't worry about Bubby not kicking, she/he is just asserting its individuality from your other kids !!!!!! Emma wasn't a kicker - but Madi was Kung Fu Panda. I think the baby is just too comfortable and relexed for its own good !!!!
Love all the Prima Goodness ... never fails to impress.
Steph xo


O i had NO mojo for both boys, so i KNOW where u are at!! And i wouldnt worry about the kicks..remember 25 weeks without knowing!! and everything was/is fine!!! He makes up with kicking me now..gawd nappy changes...sheesh!!!

And willing to travel to Adelaide..hello..thats me...whats going on??? LOL

Luv n hugs

Allie Collyer

I can't wait for the Adelaide news to be revealed - I am really missing going to crops and scrapping weekends. Let us know and I'll pick Belinda up on the way :-)


kerry murray

Janine you will be complaing soon about how much the baby is kicking you lol.MMM interesting what you might have in mind.Take care Kerry xx

Donna Coddington

Lovely news about your baby boy Janine. :) I wonder will his name end in "n" like your other children's!!!!??
I just saw your new LO for Color Combos, it's a gorgeous combo, could I ask where you got the strawberry pp from, please? I love it!!!


Adlaide hmmmmm......im going to watch this space...maybe allie B and i can all visit together LOL

Kym Piez

No baby kicks? Gosh, I didn't expect them until 19-20 weeks! You are obviously VERY in tune with your body, or too skinny!

Well, don't stress about no kicking. My baby is kicking me non-stop and I wouldn't mind a breather! Youch!

Love the chocolate lips LO. SO CUTE! Have you cut Little Miss K's hair? I also have some "n" names for your baby to end with. Been giving it some thought... x

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