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April 14, 2009



Wow, congratulations!!! take care of yourself! :)

Janet Perafan-Babar


YAY Janine!!! HUGE hugs and a bucketfull of congratulations, well wishes, and happiness for you! How are you feeling?!!! OH, this is exciting!!! WOW!!! F-I-V-E!!!

Lydell Quin

he he he.....I think it's a.....oh, does that mean I can't join in and win a RAK? Doh! I am very excited for you. You manage 4 just fine....5 will be a breeze! What's one more?


WOW X 5!! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!! You are one brave mamma! Can't wait to see you belly grow. Totally sweet story too about Cameron. See, I think you might be due for another pink bubba to enter your life...so girl. Take care of you and that precious bump.

Belinda Venables

OMG Janine. One word for you - "Crazy" lol!
Congrats to you and your family. I would love to see you have another little girl. A little playmate for little Miss K.
Congrats again.

Steph Caskey-Devlin

Yep I think your mad. But 5 kids is such a dizzy delightful definition of mad. Im so excited for you, can't wait to see your new little addition ...... 6 months to go.
Steph xo

Kristi B.

Congratulations to you & your family! I will predict that you will be adding another beautiful little girl to your bunch. :) Let's start with healthy right? I love the layout you have posted. your flowers cut outs are gorgeous!

NIc Wood

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is such exciting news - Im feeling a tinge of 'cluckiness' reading about your wonderful news - ahhhhhhh another baby - Im just thrilled for you all!

Nic xxx

Kym Piez

Oh baby, baby! It's wonderful! But I do think that you are addicted to the "oooh, what shall we make next?" because you make such beautiful babies!

Heartfelt hugs and kisses to you and your tum-tum.

Love you. xx


Wow!! Congratulations Janine!! FIVE kids !? ...wonderful .Take care of yourself.

yuki, xoxo


Congratulations - you are sure going to be really busy with your new little boy ;)

Chris M

I'm certifiably over the moon for you Janine!!!! That's the most exciting news and I'm delight for you and the whole family!! Jason is going to be jealous when I tell him!


wow Janine! Congratulations! 5 kids, you are a brave lady! I have my two and would so love another one but I think I am getting too old. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Take care.


Congratulations wow 5, I think maby another boy? look after yourself and enjoy every minute.


Wooo hoo- CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How wonderful for you and your gorgeous family!!! Hmm- I predict new bubba will be a boy. Take care of yourself.


Congratulations. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and new baby. I predict it will be a girl.

PS love your layout


Crazy? Hell no!! I am so thrilled for you!

I *knew* that there would be another little one in your lives sooner or later, you are a fabulous mama - CONGRATULATIONS!!!


OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I'm totally blown away!!! See what happens when i dont blog hop for a week!!!
I'm so excited for you and your ever growing family!! WOOHOO!!!

I'm voting for a girl!!! Fingers crossed hun!

You take care
Luv and hugs

Debbie J

Congratulations! As a mother of 3 girls and seeing the sister bond I am going to guess you are having another girl.

Robyn W

wow Janine.....congratulations to you all....wonders if its gunna be a blue one ;o)

naomi cox

WOW Janine.... so excited for you and also alittle jealous cause I always wanted five but had to pull up at three due to themall being premie.... OMG congratulations

Now I think you are going to have a little boy just cause little miss K is gorgeous and should be doted on by all her brothers as all little girls should be.

congratulations to you and your growing family
love naomi x


again huge huge congrats to you and your family!! take care!! hugs!!

kerry murray

Well as i already new that you were pregnant a while ago and i would like to guess ...... too but cant join in either.I'm sure whatever you have it will be loved as much as each and everyone of your little cherubs now.Take care of yourself and your bubby.Take care Kerry xx

lorraine knight

As a mum of 6, I think even numbers are the way to go hahaha!!! I am so happy for you and your family, whatever the outcome, this special person will be part of a beautiful, loving family. Congratulations, well done.
Lots of Luv always XXX


Janine when I popped by your blog to see your beautiful creations, I was thrilled to read your about your wonderful news. Congratulations, enjoy your precious pregnaancy. I think baby might be a pink one:)

Donna Coddington

Oh Janine, Congratulations!! We have 5...it's a nice number. Hope your ptrgnancy goes well. xoxo I pick blue. ;)


wow! congratulations! i'm guessing you'll have a girl. wishing you a healthy pregnancy.


congratulations Janine - another beautiful Koczwara baby on the way. Im guessing a boy.

Be safe and well Jaimie xx


Huge congratulations Janine. What exciting news. Wishing you lots and lots of easy pregnancy vibes.



congrats janine - i think every little girl needs a playmate so I would be wishing for you to have another PINK bundle of joy.
take care, stay happy, be well xo


P.S. my "baby" (who will be 13 in a few weeks)is also named Kaitlyn.
first time i have ever seen it spelled the same xo

Nic Howard

I'm with those that are predicting another little girl. My hugest congrats, I still remember talking babies with you at ISC waaaaay back in the day! It's so sweet to see pics of your gorgeous little Miss K, and I can totally see another little pink bundle ahead :o)

Nic H


Congrats Janine!!!! It makes me happy to read about familys of 4+ :) I wanted 5 but we made our full stop at 4. Congrats again and hope you stay well

Meredith Treloar

A huge congrats to you and your family ... how exciting!!

My vote ... a girl!!

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