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November 22, 2008


Chris M

I remember my girls going through the 'death' stage.
Janine, these layouts are amazing!! Particularly love the 'got milk' one. Superb use of Heidi products.

Chris M

OMGosh! I just noticed you have a new banner too!!! Yay!!!

kerry murray

well isint that funny tp think that Ethan would think like that.Love these layouts.It was a great day at Kates.take care Kery xx

Janet Perafan-Babar

Janine, I knew your designs were fabulous, I had no IDEA you were on the CBX team! But of course! LOL, CONGRATULATIONS, a wee bit late, but just wanted to tell you that. LOVE the pages you have been creating for Color Combos Galore! They and the other ones on your blog are just gorgeous!

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