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November 15, 2008



oh my Janine...what a huge decision...all the very best with the outcome and you are right.....the are only little once and you cant turn back the clock.....

my baby is starting high school next year.....mine are 13 and 15..i sometimes wish for the time back, i forget what they were like when they were little.....

you are lucky enogh to have your beautiful pages to remind you of their childhood and now you get to have fun with the rest of them:)

All the best....ps i believe we also have a cousin in common who had a new baby girl recently....Rylee:)

kerry murray

Hey Janine you have to do whats right for you and your family.Love the layouts.Take care Kerrry xx

Chris Millar

Hi Janine, it was so wonderful to see you, Kaitlyn and Ethan on Wednesday and we still can't thank you enough for that ride up to Greenwith!! What a life saver you are!! I've got photos I'll send through to you when I get organised. Your layouts here are superb! I'll have to have a look at the colour combo site myself. Congratulations on your decision and I hope the sale goes well.

Nic Wood

wow what a huge descision that must have been for you. I hope the right buyer comes along really soon for you. Im sure you will just love having all that time to spend with your gorgeous children!

Nic xxx

steph caskey devlin

yep... that decision. I have popped it on my blog too just in case there are any prospective buyers ..... sob sob. Beautiful layouts hon, that photo of Miss K - wow. Love it. Soon you will be inducted in the world of SAHM's. You will absolutely love it. The time is something you can never have again. xo


Oh no Janine... who am I going to come in and talk to for hours whilst I scrap shop??!! I understand though.. time flies... i said to sam... so do u think i can buy a scrapbook shop hehehe I wish!

Kym Piez

Oh, so sad for the shop, but so good for you! You won't know yourself with all that extra time (?!) to garden, sew, scrap... it'll be a new you! Lovely LO's. You are such an expert, everything you do ought to be published... mine are still a little hit and miss! xx

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