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September 18, 2008


Chris M

Oh no, I feel for you Janine after having 3 of us sick last week! It's not fun at all! I wish the kids a speedy recovery! Miss K is so cute in these photos! Love how the blue clip in her hair and on her t-shirt enhances her beautiful blue eyes!

kerry murray

Its not good this cold thing its ben hanging around forever.One stops then the other one gets it.Its enough to drive you crazy.I hope they are on the mend .Great pics of bubby.And how cool nearly finishing that quilt.take care Kerry xx


Urgh. Colds. Hoping you're all feeling better soon. And, yes, getting out of the house is sometimes the best thing you can do.
Gorgeous photos of Kaitlyn!

Lisa Le-Ray

She's a totally cutie! Love how she is not dominated by the colour pink! Girls look better other colours!

How many layout have your done now for little Miss K >?

Love Lisa

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