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September 13, 2008


kerry murray

Yesterday was such a beautiful day too take pics tpp i got a few of miss M as well.Great shots of the boys.take care Kerry xx


Great photos just love the horse. Thank you for the 2peas tip it opens up a whole new scrapping world.


the photos are awesome Janine, your kiddies have the most amazing eyes:)the collage is too cute:) i can imagine the giggles there


Beautiful photos, Janine. Sounds like the kids had a great not-a-show-day day!

Lisa Le-Ray

I agree that the show does cost heaps! I spent $450 at the show, but the last time I took them was in 2005. We got in, paid for food, I got them 4 showbags and most of $$$ was spent on rides. I think ended up going on like 10 each! They had a ball! I was in my element watching these boys go on all the teenager rides!!!!! So proud of them I was!!!

Lovin little Ms K! Love her pony! Give her a kiss and cuddle for me! Can't wait to see u and her again! I have lots of napkins for u :)



Janine, these are gorgeous-your boys are getting so big!

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