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June 29, 2007


Lydell Quin

Gorgeous Pictures janine! I especially like the last one, such a lovely one of you. Glad you got them before she decided to make her arrival.

Kerry Murray

Hey Janine the photos are great tell Kylie that she has done a great job.You do look the picture of health must be that pregnancy glow.Good luck with the birth and i hope that all goes well with that little girl of yours.

Nic Wood

WOW, your looking stunning babe!!! Beautiful photos! It was great to see you the other day too.
Enjoy thee last few precious weeks of your pregnancy!

NIc xxx


Beautiful, beautiful photos Janine. I love the bottom head and shoulders shot - totally dramatic and stunning.


Janine these are all just stunning!!!...i esp love the b&w pic. Your Kylie has done a brilliant job......id love to take pics like that LOL

Not long now til your precious little bundle is here:)


Beautiful Janine, Just Beautiful!!!!!

Janelle Wind

Janine you look absolutely STUNNING!!! I love these photos and what a precious momento too. All the very best for the birth of your gorgeous little girl. Thinking of you x Janelle


Oh WOw janine they are Beautiful .... stunning and more beautiful



Wow Janine those pics are stunning, Kylie has done a beautiful job. You are just glowing :-)

I had to LOL at your waxing incident, I tried to do the same thing at 41 weeks except it was my bikini line.......



Oh Nine, you look just beautiful. So hard to believe that you only have three weeks to go. Such a lovely compact belly.

oh, the shirt... to gorgeous too!

Love you...

Kylie Carlsen

I took my profile off private!
Oooh can't wait to meet your baby!

Lisa Le-Ray

Lovin your beautifgul pregnancy photo's! Wow only 4 weeks to go! Agh, she will be here before you know it :D

Belinda Venables

Hey Janine....you are glowing thats for sure!
What a funny story. I remember trying to wax my own bikini line when i was nearly due...trust me..don't try that! lol.
Take care

Michelle Perry

Wow, time has flown, I can't believe you've only got a few weeks to go!

The photos look stunning, you are positively glowing.



Hi Janine! You are looking simply glowing girl!! I hope the next couple of weeks go really well and before you know it your beautiful girl will be here! Lovin' your layouts in FK too!

Michelle G

These pictures are stunning!!! You look so beautiful and positively glowing Janine!!!! Glad to hear things are going well!!

Sally M

Your pics are beautiful Janine! Can't wait to meet the new addition.


Stunning photos Janine! Hope that all goes well with the impending arrival of your baby girl...it is a pretty good feeling to 'pop' out one of the opposite sex after more than one of the same :) I had more tears when I read your blog after reading your LO in FK...I'm a bit of a sooky la la when it comes to pregnancy, birth and babies! Tatum xx

Mel Diener

Wow girl, look how gorgeous you are, positiviely glowing.

Yay, not long to go now, gee, time goes faster the older I (notice I said I lol) get.


I have no words for how beautiful these photos are! You are so incredibly lucky to have such great shots!!
Think of you and Wishing you all the best!

Love and hugs


What gorgeous pictures......all the best. Not long to go!

Katie Toland

Janine, you look just fabulous! What beautiful photos. I'm so glad you got around to taking them. Hope the time passes quickly for you, and you get to meet your sweet baby girl very soon.


Absolutely stunning photos Janine. And just reading your news. Huge congrats. What an exciting time. Best wishes.

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