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March 11, 2007



Oh Janine, I am so happy for you and your family, this is just meant to be. Thanks for sharing your story with us, it is really personal and emotional and I can see why having a girl was so important to you.

Take care of you and your PINK bundle!



so happy for both of you, janine! thanks for sharing your story with us:)


That is the most wonderful news! A little girl :). So, do you have a name picked out for her yet?

Nic Wood

CONGRATULATIONS you will finally get to even up the gender imbalance in your household (a little anyway LOL) I know how excited you must have been when you found out. Ill have to get my pink fix from following your progress I think LOL

Nic xxx

Lea Adcock (Dark Angel)

*Squeals* - OMG WOW - OH that is just the best news to hear. I love the clothes. ( I'd love a girl too - I am so girly girl) Wow a special little mircle for your family. Oh yes you'll have to keep us upto date with name ideas etc...

mwah so very happy for you Janine.



OH OH OH OH OH OH IM YELLING and smiling and thats is just so so great Janine :-) Congratulations ! Kisses and Hugs




Awww your words made me feel all warm and fuzzy!! I had 2 boys and so badly wanted a girl - which i did end up having - mine wasnt a medical reason - i had just always wanted a little girl so i know how exciting it is to have them say it is a girl! Huge congrats!!!
Little girls are beautiful and amazing and i have no doubt she will have eveyrone wrapped around her little finger!! Good luck!!

Mel Diener

OMG, OMG, OMG....Yay, what truly wonderful news. I'm so, so, so, so HAPPY for you.

Mel Diener

OMG, OMG, OMG....Yay, what truly wonderful news. I'm so, so, so, so HAPPY for you.

Mel Diener

OMG, OMG, OMG....Yay, what truly wonderful news. I'm so, so, so, so HAPPY for you.

Lisa Le-Ray

Congrats!!! So glad that your dream came true.

Megan Stephenson


Janine that is just fabulous....congratulations!!! And look at your extensive collection of little pink clothes...am truly over the moon for you Janine :-)

Megan xx

Katie Toland

Oh Janine, I cried almost the whole way through your blog entry LOL. I am SO, SO happy for you all. Congratulations on a healthy bub... and a pink one! Fabulous news. Looking forward to seeing more pink from now on :)

xx k


Oh wow!! That's amazing news Janine!! I'm so happy for you and your family!! Isn't shopping for girls fun?!

Michelle Perry

Oh Janine... I'm crying tears of joy for you! That's fantastic news - congratulations!


kate mason

just the most wonderful wonderful wonderful news janine & i am just SO happy for you. i just knew this one would have to be pink. the odds were in your favour this time!! great shopping & trust me you will go absolutely broke with all the cutie pie pink stuff out there! what a loved little girl she'll be & so lucky to have 3 older protective [no doubt] brothers too!
here's hoping the rest of the pregnancy is completely uneventful & she arrives safe & sound into her pink blanket.
yes names, names - what will you call her? i hate surprises!
lots of love to you all xoxoxo


ONGoodness Janine words cant explain or begin to express the Joy I feel for you and your family. This is the most amazing wonderful news for you Im so very very glad that you got your wish/dream!!!!!!!!!
Very Heartfelt and Joyous wixhes to you and DH!! xxx

Janelle Wind

Oh Janine that is the BEST news ever. Little girls are just wonderful (as are little boys) but you have waited so long and obviously tried so hard for this little girl - what a great reward. I am totally thrilled for you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and I look forward to seeing your growing belly too. Take very good care of yourself. x Janelle

Nic Howard

Oh Thank the God of little girls!!!! I'm so excited for you janine, having 2 boys (then loosing 2 pregnancies) then finally getting my baby girl was just bliss.
Thrilled, just thrilled for you.
nic H


Janine...I was on the end of my seat reading your amazing story...and wow, to ind at the end of the story your going to have a little 'pink baby' (that doesn't sound the best does it? lol) is so so fantastic! I am so happy for you and your family!
What a shopping spree. I can see this precious baby girl is going to be a very spoilt one.
Take care, and i look forward to seeing your beautiful pregnant belly photos.
Luv Belinda

Lee Meredith

Janine, congratulations to you and your family! As I was reading every word I was covering up the lower lines with one hand, incase my eyes wandered down further before finishing the story, and wiping my tears with my other hand, just love a fairy tale ending yay!

Ngaire Bartlam

Girls are so sweet.. you will love being the mummy of a little girl!
and i bet all of those handsome young men you have there will spoil their little sis rotten!!!


Roz James

oh Janine!! I am crying reading your post- I am SO SO happy for you, congratulations!!! wow!!

All the best for the rest of the pregnancy :o)


Just wanted to let you know how excited i am with your news. Congrats on baby, on being a girl and that she's healthy. I've read between the lines in some of your BB posts and was moved by your journalling in the latest FK. This is my first blog post ever JK!!! Woo hoo for you!!!!

Melissa Goodsell

Thanks for stopping by my blog and a HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats to you :O) How adorable are all your baby girl clothes, love them.


OH WOW.......tears in my eyes here too ;)
Congratulations on PINK. Someone is looking over you!


Sarah Fawcett

What a journey you and your husband have had in the past year, and now to discover your dream. Congrats keep the pink coming, and enjoy the shopping....



Janine how awesome for you.....i know what its like to have a girl when you never expected it...she brings a special joy into my life every day...as yours will and her big brothers will just adore her....although i dont know you very well it is always wonderful to hear of the most amazing news of a little bundle to love...congrats to the whole family:)


Huge congrats Janine. What exciting news for you and hubby. And what a great way to celebrate. Love the pink!!!!!! So pleased for you all. And yep, girl LO's are easier to create than boys! LOL.

Carole Janson

Oh Janine, this is just so lovely, can't wait for the big day for you and your family. You gave me goose bumps when I was reading it, when the doctor told you it was a girl. take care.

Carole x


Fantastic news Janine! I'm SO SO SO happy for you!!! Oh I SO can't wait to see LOs of your little precious PINK bundle!!!!

Sally M

WONDERFUL news Janine! I am so happy for you and your family!


congratulations to you and yours janine..when I got a girl after 3 boys I was thrilled.

Kym Piez

I just had to read your story over the web, even though I heard it direct from you. It still brings me such delight to know your dream has FINALLY come true. Oh, and you looked FANTASTIC last weekend. What a yummy mummy you are!


Congratulations Janine - in some ways, I felt like I was reading my own story... I went through a similiar experience with IVF for Cystic Fibrosis - we had 22 eggs though, the genetic testing didn't work, and when the embryos were thawed, none survived. I am now 27 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy, which was quite an accident, and I feel was meant to be!

Wishing you a healhty, stress free pregnancy.


I just stopped by your blog and was really blessed to read it. COngrtulations and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is a happy and healthy one.
Enjoy your little girl when she is born

Justine Quinlivan

Congratulations to you and your family Janine! We had a little girl after 3 boys and 2 years on we are all still thrilled to bits! (although we didn't know until she was born) I remember instructing my dear mum in the labour ward to go off and buy the pinkest outfit she could find when she was born (except it was almost midnight!) During my entire stay in hospital I kept unwrapping her and checking that I really DID have a daughter. Elise is my bestfriend and blessed to have three older brothers.....as your daughter will be. I wish you much health and happiness for the remainder of your pregnancy. Enjoy the shopping...it's so much fun and I look forward to pouring over all of your girly creations. All the Best.

Justine Quinlivan

Kathy Pitt

I am so happy for you Janine, Little girls are just wonderful, as are little boys, but I think there is a certain special bond between mothers and daughters. Many blessings to you all, I pray you have a wonderful pregnancy!

susan j

OMG Janine!! I can't believe I have only just read this!! I am so happy for you!! CONGRATULATIONS.


Gosh I should venture out into Blog land a little more often shouldn't I!! WOW JANINE!! FANTASTIC NEWS! how exciting to finally be able to surround yourself in pink!! So happy for you and hope it all goes really well with the pregnancy and that little baby girl gives you a smooth time :)


I have tears of joy in my eyes while I read this post. SO SO SO happy for you all xxx

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