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April 26, 2006


Carole Janson

Hi Janine,

So good to hear you had a lovely holiday the pictures are just gorgeous, I love the Photo of Hannah and Ethan on the beach at Memory Cove they look so cute, and the photo is so lovely. Not good to hear about maybe having RRF I hope everything goes alright. The MM layout is so pretty and elegant, love the mm products so gorgeous. Good to have you back.


jo amato

Hi Janine, hope you are feeling better real soon. So many people I know who have been diagonised with it lately. Great holi photo's too


Sounds like you had a really nice break. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis (though I haven't heard of it before) and hope you will feel better soon. Gotta love MM.



What gorgeous photos. Can't wait to see the LOs that you create from them. Good luck for the blood test. Cross my fingers that its not RRV.


Wow, what a beautiful part of the world! Gorgeous layout too Janine!


Best wishes for good news on the RRV. Not heard of it either, but all of those virus's tend to be really nasty.

Photo and LO are gorgeous.

Mel Diener

Port Lincoln is beautiful isn't it. My mum moved there a few years ago and we try to visit each year, the kids especially love the beaches. Glad you had a great holiday.

OMG Ross River, gee I hope you haven't go it. A friend of mine had it and it's a really awful thing to have to go through. Fingers crossed for you that it's something else and easily treatable.


Ohhhh...those photos bring back so many memories! I may have left Port Lincoln when I was 13, but spending my entire chilhood there does make it a special place for me. I miss those beautiful beaches and the rugged coatline. Ahhhhhh! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos and I'm glad to hear you had such a great time away!

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