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April 30, 2006


Nic Wood

This fortnights LO are all just gorgeous - must be a great topic for us all to scrap.

Hope the itching goes away soon, and that you dont suffer any of the other symptoms too badly either.
Nic xxx

jo amato

Hi JAnine lets hope it ends soon,all that itching. Great layout as usual. You shouldn't be surprised that your work inspires others, as everything you do is amazing.

Lydell Quin

The first time I have turned on any blogs for ages and I find out you have what you were worried you had! Oh no...Poor you! My Grandma had this a few years ago and she was pretty sick for a while. Hope it subsides soon. Very nice Mum LO by the way. x


Hi Janine, sorry to hear about the RRV, hope the itching stops soon!
This layout is so yummy! Love it!


Oh no! Sorry to hear that your suspicions have been confirmed. I hope that you have a speedy recovery and that it doesn't get in the way of you doing too much!


Oh Janine!!! You poor thing...RRV is horrible...I have had it before. Hope you are feeling better soon and it doesn't bother you for toooooo long.

Gorgeous layout...rest up okay?

Luv Karen xoxo

Katie Toland

Oh Janine, I hope it doesn't last long and you are feeling good again real soon! That must be so frustrating.

Your holiday pics are gorgeous, and your layouts are divine as usual. You mum is a stunner!

Donna  Meuli

Hope you feel better soon. That RRV is nasty isn't it?
Just wanted to say your layout is absolutely gorgeous!

Rachel Greig

Gorgeous layout!! Hope you feel better really soon!

Alison Shearer

Janine that's awful. I suffered a lot of itchiness when I was pregnant so I sympathise - it's horrible and very distracting. I hope you recover quickly and the worst symptoms go very soon. Your LOs are, as always, beautiful.


Michelle Perry

I hope you're feeling better. Sounds like a horrible thing to have.

Take care

Carole Janson

Oh know Janine, that isn't good, I hope it doesn't last to long, its the aching which can really get you down. Gorgeous layout, you are excellent at collage, that is why you are one of my fav scrapbookers, gorgeous.


Chrissy Berry

Hiya Janine, thanks for stopping my blog, I have had heaps of fun reading yours too, such gorgeous LOs you've shared. Will definitely pop back and catch up with how you are going. You poor thing with Ross River! Hope you recover really quickly from it.

Chrissy xx


Janine your layout is awesome. The hearts and flowers are gorgeous.
That RRV sounds awful with all the itching. Hope you get over it soon and get back to scrapping.


Janine, you poor thing. I really hope that the horrid itching gets better soon and you are back scrapping up a storm before you know it.

I love your layout, the colours and design are just divine. TYour layouts in FK have been stunning too - your Mum must be rapt :-)

Take care



I hope you recover really really quickly!!! I know itching is terrible I'm currently suffering from a food allergy and am itchy on arms and legs, but nothing as bad as how it sounds for you!!

And I love your layout it is truely gorgeous!!

All the best

Susan J

Janine, you poor thing!! LOVE your mothers day LO.


Oh no Janine i hope you don't go mad with the itching!!!!! I also hope you don't get any other simptoms any worse. My poor DH got this a few years back and he was literally in agony every morning, he ached from head to toe he even had to roll out of bed sometime cause he just couldn't sit up with the pain. It was so deblitating, it does reaccur acasionally as well but not nearly as bad. Love your Mum layout it's beautiful as are all the othersd on the site.Awesome job done by all the DT I think you have a real winning team.

Sally M

Oh no Janine!! Bad news about the RRF! My SIL had this a while back too. I do have one hint for you.....although I don't think I need to tell you this. STAY HEALTHY! Eat well, and even continue gentle exercise, if you go the other way, it will get the better of you.

Stay safe, and I hope you get on top of it soon.


Oh JANINE....so sorry to hear that you have had the RRV. Hope you recover quickly and can keep up the scrapping. Love this last lot of layouts!Take care.....



sorry to hear about you having Ross River Virus, no good at all - hope the itching goes away soon. I know just what its like (just had a skin allergy all over my face for a month!)

Great layout


I hope you have a speedy recovery from the RRV Janine!!! There is nothing worse!!
I love this LO you have done, I love the colours and all the flowers and the hearts!!
Take Care!!

Susan J

Hey Janine, I am having issues getting into the Scrapbook Station message board and gallery and have had problems for the last week. I tried to e-mail you but it keeps bouncing. Is everything OK? I hope you are all well(ish considering RRV).


You poor thing, Janine! That is terrible news, but it does sound like you are taking it all in your stride and you still have that wonderful sense of humour! Keep smiling, chicky!

Loving your lo's btw! :)

Elizabeth Munro

JK hope you feel better soon!!!!!

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