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March 19, 2012



Oh gosh, your layout about Kaitlyn is so gorgeous! Your layering and clustering looks incredible! And the layout about you is so pretty too. Just love all the flowers you made out of the paper. Your cards are all true beauties too. It sounds like you've been one busy mom and scrapaholic lately:)

Kymmie @ a day in the life of us

Oh, I'm hearing you on the neglectful blog thing. But I've found my blojo and stylejo too, while I'm at it!

I look forward to hearing what you're up to and why you're resigning from Websters DT!!!

That layout of you at school is just gorgeous. The Janine I remember! I'm so proud of all your achievements, and you didn't even mention your perfect English score! So humble of you!

Those were the days!



HI.. so glad you could stop by!!haha!! I can only imagine how you do it!!! I only have 2 kids at home now, plus MOTH (man of the house) and I find my scrapping and blogging can take a back seat.. so don't mind the washing, the folding, the cooking... it will get done when it gets done.. the scrapping is YOUR time.. and may i add.... OUR time.. cos that is when we get to see you!!haha!! and when one door closes... it is always for a reason... and these layouts are stunning.. and we all have those photos from the archives we would rather not scrap.. but hey... that was life then... take care of yourself!!

Shell carman

Hi janine! U just described my house and i only have 3 kids! Luv the prima lo. So pretty! Sad to hear ur leaving websters but i look forward to hearing ur good news!


I like your work. Really wonderful


hi Janine, it is utter chaos in this household too! and i get the teenage angst bit too ... my eldest turned 14 yesterday, and to say that the hormones are kicking in is an understatement!! LOL!!

will miss seeing your Websters Pages creations, but wish you well, and looking forward to finding out the "good news"



Well I take my hat off to you Janine. I struggle with one child! I'm the worst procrastinator I know. I watched that video on the Prima blog the other day and I loved it! I'm always inspired by your work. I left a message for you over at my blog. :)

Crystal Goulding

Amazingly stunning (esp the top page)! Love it!!


So completely gorgeous and creative and unique~

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