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August 17, 2011



I follow all my fave blogs through a site called Blog Lovin'. You just set up an account on there and you add blogs by coping and pasting their addresses. It's a handy way to keep them all in on place. :)


hi.. i have been following for a while now.. i just copy and pasted your blog addy in to my blogger thingy and dadaaa.. i see when you put new posts up!!

Jing-Jing Nickel

Tell her that she can use any type of RSS reader, Google Reader for example.


It sounds like I hear me talking, LOL. I'm not that good with the computer/blogger thingies either. But I copied and pasted the link of your blog to my sidebar and can easily find out when you've updated your blog now:)

Kym Piez

Oh, so funny! You crack me up. Google reader is the best way to follow. What do YOU use? xx

steph devlin

Janine, I used Networked Blogs over at FB. Its really easy. The other one like the girls said is google reader. Just get Paul to install it for you...... xo

Anita Braddock

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